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from Kathy Reeves Website

Wonderful website , Judy!! A pleasure to visit. Previous Response:
from JudyAnn Rector
on May 24, 2013
 Thank you very much for visiting, Kathy! I still have a long way to go so, please come back from time to time. I sincerely appreciate your input... Thanks again, JudyAnn Previous Response:
from Jim Baines
on May 24, 2013
 I am loving this! I have only looked at the Texas slides, but I shall return! I fell for your historic topic long ago, but could never follow up on it. This is a brilliant undertaking, Judy and I'm confident you will do it justice. Thanks for your comment.

 Previous Response:
from JudyAnn Rector
on May 31, 2013
 Howdy, Jim, and thank you for your wonderful note! I am SO happy you plan on visiting again and again because I have tons of images yet to share. I do not always have as much time as I would like for my photo work and research, but that will improve in the not so distant future. Bottom line is this project is just barely off the ground and it will be great to have your support as I move forward! 

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