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from Emile Abbott You are well on your way, JudyAnn

So far I would say you have done an exceptional job JudyAnn. I think your book will be great. I have produced several but people are not buying. Guess the economy has to improve for art to sell again. Good luck and you are well organized and on your way.
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from JudyAnn Rector
on May 24, 2013
 Thank you for your thoughtful critique of my new site, Emile!

Please tell me more about your art books and where I can view them. I have very much enjoyed putting together books of my work for family and find it a thrill to see my work 'in print' whether for sale or not! lol You MUST have at least one of your books on your coffee table, yes?

Sadly, I agree with you about art not selling as it should, but, as artists, we must continue to put our best foot forward while encouraging the masses to see and appreciate the need for art in their lives.

Please come visit me again, Emile, I do value your input very much. JudyAnn 

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