Thank you very much for visiting my new website! Please be patient as I do a lot of editing and adding over these first weeks. Besides continuing to post more images, I will fill you in a bit about me and provide you more information about my photos. Hopefully, putting together this site will be the springboard for a Route 66 photo book I have been dreaming about for a number of years. Yes, I realize there are already many Route books available, but, of course, I hope mine will be at least somewhat different. I want to showcase what I enjoy doing by putting together an artistic photographic 'through my eyes' book. This will include not only Route 66 icons, but all those wonderful things along the way that strike my fancy as interesting and/or beautiful. My book will be for those who enjoy looking at the pictures without directions and tons of info. Please let me know you have stopped by for a visit and do not hesitate to share your thoughts and/or suggestions. Don't forget this is a work in progress so, please come back and visit again real soon! Always, JudyAnn - - The Route66Lady
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